Architectural Programing and Diploma Project Thesis

 Provides knowledge and awareness of the importance of architectural programming relating to architectural design through collecting and analyzing investor’s various needs and requirements and translating into a functional program taking into consideration environmental requirements, feasibility studies, costs, and technical facilities. Gaining benefit of this course will help students to create the appropriate functional program for the diploma project in the following semester.

Develops and provides skills in defining the aim of studying the diploma project and preparing its design, with training of data collecting, investor’s needs, requirements of the target group (functional, psychological and aesthetic). In addition, the exploration and analysis of necessary data, the feasibility study, strengths and weaknesses through studying similar and useful examples, as well as appropriate structural systems and different supplementary specializations needs.
The collection and analysis of this data benefits and enhances students’ abilities and skills to understand problems and find solutions, as well as connecting the design process with reality, community and environment, to increase the skills of expressing ideas and persuasion and enhance the professional and creative personality.
Attachement Files

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