Student Activities Directorate


  • Main responsibilities:
  1. Creates introductory programs for new students regarding the university’s academic system including the details of students’ life cycle.
  2. Organizes various student activities (athletic, cultural, artistic, social and voluntary) and coordinates with other universities for joint social activities.
  3. Organizes filed trips to link the theoretical aspect with the practical one.
  4. Contributes in preparing an electronic archive of the university that includes all its activities.
  5. Ensures the effective participation of students in the introductory programs about the university.
  6. Spread the cultural, athletic and social awareness among students.
  7. Activates the role of students in creating effective, active and sustainable communities through community development activities.
  8. Develops students' analytical and critical thinking skills.
  9. Enhances students' acquisition of various extracurricular topics.
  10. Enhances students' artistic taste and organizes artistic events at the university.   
  11. Prepares the annual and quarterly plans of the directorate which include:
  • Enhances students’ perceptive abilities and develops their skills in addition to receiving suggestions and studying implementation.
  • Builds students’ personality through linking student with employers, cultural, intellectual and artistic figures.
  • Invests in students’ leisure time to serve the educational process.
  • Develops students’ talents and enhances their intellectual and scientific perceptive abilities.
  • Enhances students’ abilities in self and continuous learning to face life’s changing needs while coordinating with relevant directorates.