Conditions of Transition


  • From Syria Private University:
  1. Must have studied for a period of not less than one semester at the university from which to transfer.
  2. The student may not graduate from the private university in which he was admitted unless he studied 50% of the number of credit hours at the university to which he was transferred
  3. It is not permissible to transfer, transfer, or change the enrollment or admission on the basis of the certificate of the Umm Al-Ijaza Institute from the system (open-virtual education - correspondence - affiliation - distance) to the university.
  4. In the case of a similar transfer, the student's average in the secondary school certificate shall be entitled to join the university and the college to which he wishes to transfer in the academic year in which he first registered.


  • From a non-Syrian university (private or public):
  1. The university in which the student is studying must be accredited and recognized in the country of study and in the Syrian Arab Republic.
  2. The student's average should not be less than 10% of the rates specified in Article (1) of the Decision / 306 / dated 28-6-2011 and in any case not less than 50%.
  3. Taking into account the residence requirement / 8 / months in the academic year.
  4. The student must be transferred or successful to the second year in the university from which he wishes to move if the university adopts the quarterly or annual system or completed / 25 / credit hours at least if the university adopts the credit hours system.
  5. If the student achieves the required transfer rate and wishes to transfer to a private Syrian university, he / she is entitled to transfer without regard to the number of hours he / she has completed taking into account the residency requirement.
  6. Not be dismissed from the university to be transferred from.
  7. The student should be admitted only after the approval of the Ministry of Higher Education by sending (the student's equivalence - the accepted certificate based on it - the secondary certificate - a copy of his passport or personal ID).