• The student shall be considered a graduate upon his success in all courses of the approved study plan, and if his cumulative GPA is 2 points or more and did not exceed the maximum number of years allowed. A certificate and a graduation document signed by the Dean and the Rector, in addition to a transcript signed by the Rector.
  • Upon graduation, the final CGPA is calculated from the total percentage of scores obtained by the student in all courses of the study plan after multiplying each by the number of credit hours of the course divided by the total credit hours of the plan.
  • A student transferred from another university may not graduate from the university unless he has studied at least 50% of the credit hours at the university.
  • A student who is expected to graduate at the end of a semester must complete a special form with the Department of Specialization within a period of one week from the date of announcing the final results of the semester prior to the graduation semester.