Registration Procedures


After accepting the students based on the university selection process and after announcing the names of the accepted students by the university, the student should submit all the required papers and documents to the Admission and Registration directorate. The student should affirm his registration in the university during the specified period or his right of registering will be cancelled.

  • If the certificate is Syrian:
  1. The original Baccalaureate certificate or intermediate-institute certificate, or original university Graduation certificate.
  2. Four certified copies of the Baccalaureate certificate or institute certificate or graduation certificate.
  3. Three certified copies of transcript of marks, document of student’s university life and course descriptions for students who are accepted based on university or intermediate institute certificate.
  4. A copy of the personal identity card.
  5. Six personal photographs.
  6. Student’s admission form from the Admission and Registration directorate in the university (form pattern 2)
  7. A written commitment that in case that any of the required documents is missing, the student should provide it during a specific period or the admission of the student should be cancelled, (form pattern 3).
  8. A written commitment to comply with the rules and regulations of the university (form pattern 4).
  9. A copy of the payment receipt on the specific amount of money issued by the Financial directorate
  10. The required documents for discounts in case the student wants to benefit from the university granted financial discounts
  • If the certificate is not Syrian:

Add to the previous papers:

  1. Two certified copies of the academic progression for both the tenth and eleventh grades
  2. Two certified copies of the ninth grade certificate.
  3. A copy of the residency visa from the country granting the secondary school certificate.
  4. A copy of the passport pages showing the entrance and exit from and into the country granting the certificate.


After completion of the required documents, a private file of each student is prepared; his data is entered into the academic system so that she/he will be given a university identity number. Afterwards, the student contact his faculty members to add the courses to be studied during the semester. All this is done in compliance with the followed procedures in the university and results in getting the student his university identification card.