Study System at Manara University


  • The accredited study system at Al-Manara University is the Credit Hour System. The academic year consists of two compulsory semesters and an optional summer semester:
  1. The first semester is compulsory for a period of 16 to 19 weeks.
  2. The second semester is compulsory for a period of 16 to 19 weeks.
  3. Summer semester: optional intensive, eight weeks.
  • Rules of Commitment to Time:
  1. The student must abide by the full-time system and attend all lectures, practical classes and discussions in accordance with the approved study plan.
  2. The student is not allowed to be absent more than (15%) of the number of hours scheduled for the course.
  3. If the student is absent more than (15%) of the number of hours scheduled for the course without a satisfactory or compulsive excuse accepted by the dean of the college, he is deprived of taking the final exam, and his result in that course is zero and his grade is deprived (Z). It shall be re-registered if it is compulsory. In all cases, the result of this failure shall be included in the calculation of the student's average grade marks for the purposes of warning and dismissal from the (specialization), In addition, the student is forbidden to take the final exam if he fails to achieve 25% of the semester work.
  • The student has the right to withdraw from the registered course during the semester, and in this case is granted a withdrawal estimate (W = withdrawal), and dates related to the deadline for withdrawal from courses are set within the university calendar issued at the beginning of the academic year, or at the beginning of the semester, and does not enter the course In which the student obtained a withdrawal grade (W) in the calculation of his grade point average.
  • In the event that the student withdraws all his courses within the semester concerned, he is considered frozen for this semester and receives a withdrawal grade (W) in all withdrawn courses. This semester is calculated from the maximum period of study and appears in the transcript and the student is charged at his cost. It does not affect the calculation of the cumulative GPA.
  • Freezing and Postponement Conditions:
  • Freeze of Study: A student who is unable to continue studying in a semester for any reason may apply to freeze his / her study (withdrawal from all courses registered in that semester:
  1. Admission must be made before the end of the eighth week of the beginning of the compulsory semester and before the sixth week of the optional summer semester according to the university calendar.
  2. The duration of the study freeze is calculated from the upper limit of the registration period allowed to obtain the degree of leave in which the student is registered.
  • Postponement of Study: A student who needs due to circumstances to postpone his / her studies may be suspended for a maximum of one or four continuous or separate semesters during his / her university life:
  1. In order to accept the deferral application, it must be submitted before the beginning of the chapter to be postponed.
  2. The period of postponement shall not be counted from the maximum registration period allowed for obtaining the certificate in the jurisdiction registered therein.
  3. It is not permissible to postpone the study of the new or transferred student, unless after the semester of his enrollment at the University.
  • Enrollment of enrollment: Enrollment of the student enrollment in the following cases:
  1. If he fails to study in two consecutive semesters.
  2. If it exceeds the maximum length of stay in the study, approved by the Higher Education Council.
  3. If a decision is made to dismiss him permanently from the university for various reasons.