Directorate of Training and Rehabilitation


  • Tasks and Responsibilities of the Directorate:
  1. Participate in identifying the core competencies and skills of the cadres / students.
  2. Participate in the professional guidance of the university cadres in order to build a career path commensurate with their possibilities and aspirations in accordance with the objectives and vision of the university
  3. Participate in student guidance and guidance to help the student in drawing and identifying plans that are commensurate with his abilities and abilities, and help address problems related to learning difficulties.
  4. Contribute to the formation of interactive electronic forums for students with local and international universities to achieve knowledge and cultural exchange.
  5. Provide scientific experiments with interactive learning and exchange of educational roles to give the student real opportunities to participate in the educational process
  6. Provide vocational training opportunities that help the student to engage in professional life.
  7. Implementation of the annual plan for training and qualification of university staff and within the approved budget for that.
  8. Study the programs and presentations offered by the training centers on the qualifying and training courses.
  9. Follow-up training requests and registration of training courses, and follow-up evaluation of training courses by trainees.
  10. Supervise the training of both internal and external types and coordinate with the training centers and trainers and follow-up during the training to ensure the achievement of the desired benefit.
  11. A comprehensive evaluation of the training program to include the evaluation of (trainers, training material, training organization, training place, training methods).
  12. Preparing the necessary reports on the training programs.
  13. Measuring return on investment in training (ROI).
  14. Conducting briefings and introductory workshops for new employees / new students.
  15. Proposing to participate in workshops, scientific symposiums and local and international conferences in coordination with the concerned scientific departments and directorates.
  16. Provide all the necessary requirements for the training process.
  17. Propose the provision of all training materials in the university of publications and programs and documented.