A breach of rules and university regulations leads to disciplinary measures including:

  1. Acts of public morals violations and those that damage the university’s reputation and employees.
  2. Wearing inappropriate clothes.
  3. Misuse of the university’s campus and facilities.
  4. Damaging and misusing any of the university’s movable and immovable properties, devices or materials.
  5. Unauthorized activities including cybercrimes, organizing and participating in associations, publishing fliers and advertisements, fundraising and the misuse of activities authorized by the rector in the university campus and facilities.
  6. Frauds, scams and impersonation in things related to university affairs.
  7. Verbal and physical abuse of any of the employees and students.
  8. Bringing weapons of any kind.
  9. Substance and alcohol abuse and promotion inside the campus and during the university’s activities.
  10. Violation of the university’s regulations.