University fees for new students for the academic year 2020-2021



Credit hour fee


Syrians Residing Abroad


97,500 S.P

117,000 S.P


82,000 S.P

117,000 S.P

Engineering - Informatics

35,000 S.P

45,000 S.P

Engineering - Civil

40,000 S.P

54,000 S.P

Engineering - Mechatronics

37,500 S.P

45,000 S.P


49,000 S.P

63,000 S.P

Business Administration

22,000 S.P

33,000 S.P

Performing Arts

715,000 S.P

Per Semester

990,000 S.P

Per Semester

















In addition to the above installments:

Registration fee

(paid once upon registration)

50,000 S.P  

Syrian high school certificates

60,000 S.P  

Non-Syrian high school certificates

Semester fee (paid each semester)

50,000 S.P

Annual registration in the semester system (paid annually)

50,000 S.P

Summer registration fee (paid in summer semester)

25,000 S.P

Service fee (payable for each semester) 30,000  S.P

Summer service fee (paid in summer semester)

15,000  S.P















  • Students are entitled to enroll in a minimum of 12 credit hours and a maximum of 18 credit hours in the compulsory semester.
  • Arab or foreign students pay their fees annually in dollars, corresponding to the fee declared in Syrian pounds.
  • Students wishing to register in the disciplines of architecture and representation are subject to the university entrance examination.