Manara University signed a memorandum of understanding with the Syrian Private University on 28/01/2020. The following attended the meeting: Prof. Safwan Al Assaf, (MU) rector, Prof. Dr. Nazir Ibrahim, (SPU) rector, Prof. Mohammed Farha, (MU) Secretary General, Prof. Mahmoud Tayoub, Faculty of Business Administration Dean at (MU), Prof. Ahmad Al Ali, Faculty of Business Administration Dean at (SPU), Mrs. Hala Reslan, Rector’s office manager at (MU), Mrs. Hanadi Al Zaatar, Rector’s office manager at (SPU), Miss. Zeinab Muhammad, International Cooperation Manager at (MU) and Mr. Homam Homsi, Public Relations Manager at (SPU). The aim of the agreement is the scientific academic cooperation and experience exchange in terms of students and academic staff.