Dean’s message


 On behalf of the academic and administrative staff in the faculty of Business Administration at Manara University, which was established in 2016, I am pleased and honored to warmly welcome the visitors of the faculty of Business Administration’s website, that is an important platform through which we can introduce to the visitors our faculty, its departments, mission, aims and study programs. The establishment of this faculty came to cover the needs of the local and foreign markets to prepare qualified graduates capable of carrying out the administrative business tasks required at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.


It is my pleasure to welcome our students, and as the dean of the college, I look forward to assisting and meeting you in addition to helping you develop your abilities for the faculty to be a distinguished place during your studies.


Make sure to invest what the faculty and university provide you with in terms of resources and facilities, be positive and optimistic during your university life and perhaps you will realize after graduation, that university life is among the most beautiful period of your life. Today, our faculty embraces scientific majors that grant a bachelor’s degree in Financial and Banking Management - Marketing and E-Commerce -Tourism and hotel management.


From this standpoint, the Faculty of Business Administration - as an integral part of the educational system at Manara University - seeks to keep pace with the development process to reach excellence and leadership through the application of quality systems in all its academic and institutional aspects to improve the educational outcomes in line with the needs of society and the requirements of labor market in light of the changes of globalization, information technology and the continuous cognitive and technical development. Therefore, the faculty works to consolidate students' awareness of scientific concepts of management and entrepreneurship, develop their cognitive and personal skills, as well as spread vocational awareness, develop and refine the practical capabilities that graduates need for excellence and competition in the private and public sectors alike.


The primary goal of this college, emanating from the mission of Manara University, is to build an exemplary educational environment in terms of programs, curricula and academic systems to prepare highly qualified cadres capable of serving their country and participating effectively in the overall reconstruction and development process. In addition to the quality and distinction of the educational process, the faculty of Business Administration seeks to expand its role in community service at the local and national levels, through the contribution of researchers by adding their scientific and applied innovations aimed at identifying the problems that face various social, organizational and economic sectors and finding appropriate solutions.


In the end, I would like to extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to the rector of the university, the heads of the scientific departments and all the faculty members and staff, who strive to build this honorable academic institution for the light of Manara University to keep shining.

                                                                         Prof. Mahmoud Tayoub

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