Design of Machine Elements

Teaching this course aims to identify the types and classification of machine design, such as harmonic design, developmental design, new design, the general methodology in machine design, standard specifications and international measurement statements, then identify engineering materials and their properties such as ferrous and non-ferrous metals and non-metallic materials such as plastics and composite materials and properties Physical, mechanical and methods of improving durability and identifying the concepts of stress and strain and the relationship between stresses and strains and the concept of stress concentration and tests of engineering materials and the mechanism of collapse of ductile materials and brittle materials and the concept of design safety factor and then study the design of elements subjected to static loads and concepts of permissible stresses and stresses and impact stresses and design Pressure vessels, variable loads study, design of elements and riveted connections, design of welded joints, design of force bolts (progress bolts), design of connecting bolts connections, design of springs, gear design, axles and transmission shafts design, shaft and grooved joints design, belt design and modified wheel design

Attachement Files

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