Distributed Systems & Industrial Networks

This course includes an introduction to the basics of a distributed system. Transparency of position - transition - duplication - concurrency. And the concept of reliability: availability, handling of errors, performance, flexibility, scalability. and challenges related to the distributed system, clusters and their synchronization. It also deals with field protocols that serve such systems as Profibus, Foundation Fieldbus and CAN, and an explanation of industrial networks such as Industrial Ethernet, its characteristics, uses and data structures. In addition to introducing SCADA systems in terms of structure, communication and data transfer techniques in these systems, with a focus on data transfer protocols in these systems, such as DNP3 and IEC 60870, with an explanation of the working mechanism of these protocols and the structure of data units in them, and what are their advantages and disadvantages and their collaborative work with other protocols. With an explanation of recent trends in building SCADA systems through the use of sensor networks and wireless actuators.

Attachement Files

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