(CAM) Computer Aided Manufacturing

This course aims to get acquainted with the environment of Computer Aided Manufacturing and Numerical Control and the basic components of the NC system and to identify the programmed CNC operating machines and manufacturing centers, then to identify the general structure of digital machines, classification of cutting tools, operating plans or technological plans, parameters of operational processes, digital control systems and programming in Digital control of its two types, manual programming and computer-aided programming, learning how to write a CNC program, studying the main commands G Code and auxiliary commands M Code, then studying the manufacturing strategy and the path of cutting tools on the computer, determining the number of buses and number of strokes, how to define the type of machine on the program and how to choose a set of operating coordinates And the definition of the raw piece, the produced piece, fasteners, safety levels, how to program the cutting tools within the program in proportion to the cutting tools in the machine store, and how to determine the operating parameters on the program, such as the rotational speed of the rotating shaft, operating speed, approach speed, departure speed, and feeding rate And the type of operation, is it a roughing operation, a half-finishing, or a termination b? What is commensurate with the parameters of the machine that we will manufacture on, and after the operation simulation process, we choose the type of controller on the machine and choose it on the program (Post processor), then we generate NC or ISO files for the operational process and send it to the machine’s memory. This course aims to study the loops Fixed loops such as perforation, hollowing, tooth opening, and how to use repeating loops for pattern operation according to the type of holes or cavities models, and all of what we mentioned earlier is done on computer-aided manufacturing programs such as CATIA V5, Master Cam or Power Mill

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