Wireless systems

The course includes an explanation of IEEE 802.XX standards such as WIFI technology, its structure, challenges, performance evaluation methods, and appropriate measures to improve its work. Explanation of GPRS, NTUS, 2G, 3GPP and 4G technologies and the policies used to favor one over the other, and an idea will be given of the BLUTOOTH and ZIGBEE technologies used as communication chips in robotic applications. In addition to the definition of wireless sensor networks, their importance, areas of application and structure at the nodes level in detail or at the level of the network as a whole. It also deals with the layered structure adopted by these networks, and deals in detail with each of these layers, starting with the physical layer, including the modification and coding techniques, and the data transfer techniques used, passing through the data transmission network and ways to enter the common medium. It also studies the methods of naming, addressing, routing mechanisms and protocols that are used in such networks. This is in addition to the methods of positioning, knowing the location and synchronization, as well as methods of controlling the structure and methods of publishing, as well as addressing the most important applications and modern trends in the field of wireless sensor networks.

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