Vision and goals






The faculty of Health Sciences provides multiple specialties related to this field. The teaching is based on highly professional, specialized, modern and inclusive programs taught by qualified and experienced teachers. This is to prepare adequate graduates to make a real difference in improving health and providing a real support for health sector. In addition to enhancing the level of health care which guarantees receiving health services.





As an educational, research and pioneering institution locally and regionally based, it provides highly qualified and specialized staff in different health sciences fields which contributes in improving the field of health. This is in terms of science, profession and service to better the health of individuals and community alike and to be a distinctive faculty in supplying the needs of health sector that is new and rare in Syria. It contributes in the integration of medical fields which increases the level of health care and awareness.





-  Quality and excellence


-  Teamwork and collaboration


-  Patient care


-  Integrity and sincerity


-  Competency


-  Distinction


-  Commitment


-  Innovation


-  Respect


-  Diversity


-  Achievement


-  Efficiency of cost


-  Initiative





1-  Prepare specialists in multiple fields of health sciences who are scientifically and vocationally qualified, rely on modern technology and information and are able to evaluate and make the appropriate decision when they provide the services in their fields of work.


2-  Establishment of departments that are new and rare in Syria including (Occupational Therapy – Physical Therapy – Pronunciation and Speech therapy – Nutrition and Diets – anesthesia – Laboratory – Radiation – Orthotics and Prosthetics – Sport – Nursing).


3-  Develop modern curricula that provide a high level compatible with international standards and allow alumni to continue their academic pursue after graduation.


4-  To provide an organizational, administrative and educational framework to achieve the mission and goals of the faculty.


5-  To establish committees to evaluate the quality and development of teaching and work.


6-  Provide the continuity of education to meet the community and labour market demands.


7-  Develop the faculty’s financial and human resources to improve the level of teaching and learning.


8-  Enhance the scientific research and link it to the demands of community and institutions regarding health services.

9-  Start thorough and effective collaboration with community institutions in sustainable development and increase awareness and services in health sector.

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