The dorm opens by the beginning of each academic year from 7:00 a.m until 10:00 p.m for female students, academic and administrative staff.

  • The dorm is equipped with highly sensitive fire extinguishers and alarms to alert prior to the outbreak of any fire and security cameras 24/7.
  • The dorm contains /69/ rooms divided into 6 floors some of which are equipped for people with special needs.
  • Each room accommodates one or two students (upon request) fully equipped (the university provides linen for each lodger) and a private bathroom for each room.
  • Each floor contains joint rooms (kitchen – laundry room – reading room) fully equipped for all lodgers.
  • The dorm contains a clinic equipped with first aid and a nurse that stays with students 24/7.
  • Services available: internet, hot water on solar power, central heating and daily cleaning of the floors and joint rooms.
  • When providing rooms, the distance from the university is taken into account. Thus, rooms are provided for those who live farthest.



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