Academic Advising



  • Overview:

It is a guiding process aims at assisting students on the academic, psychological, social and vocational levels and orients their academic experiences according to their ambitions and abilities. It serves the basic goals of education to enable students to be significant members of society. Academic guidance contributes in solving students’ problems that obstruct their academic pursuit in addition to acquiring the positive skills and experiences according to social values.

  • Academic Advisor:

An academic advisor is a faculty member who guides students and assists them in solving their academic problems and enhance their academic pursuit. In addition to being the key reference in relation to the university academic system.

  • Goals:

1.         Assists students in figuring out their potentials and understanding their abilities and interests.

2.        Provides students with skills of control and self-guidance to reach a level of inner awareness of personal skills and potentials to better understand the surrounding.

3.        Ensures compatibility and adaptability of students to do various assignments.

4.       Studies academic setback cases, analyzes their reasons and provides support and guidance to avoid them.

5.        Provides advising preventive and developmental guidance for effective academic pursuit.

6.        Assists students in planning their future.

7.        Makes positive changes in students’ behavior towards the society’s cultural, social and vocational values and assists in decision-making.

8.        Introduces to students the credit hours system, enrollment, discontinuation and postponement procedures.

9.        Introduces to students the study plan of their faculty and specialty.

10.     Introduces to students the system of examination, grading, penalties, and success and graduation requirements.

11.      Guides students to choose the appropriate courses and credit hours each semester.

12.     Assists students throughout the obstacles they face in college.

13.     Provides students with guidance to solve problems they face in college.


  • Academic Advising Fields:
  • Scholastic advising:

Aims at assisting students to adapt with the university, colleagues and academic system and remove the obstacles that delay their pursuit.

  • Psychological advising:

Aims at guiding students and develop their abilities and skills to enhance their scientific level.

  • Social advising:

Aims at preparing students to adapt with their community to enhance their role in serving and developing it.

  • Vocational advising:

Aims at preparing students for labor market through providing them with the necessary skills to excel in their future careers.


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