First Scientific Day of the Faculty of Dentistry

Student Activties Directorate in Manara University in collaboration with Dentistry Faculty and Dar AlQamar Institute held the first scientific day of the Faculty of Dentistry. It was entitled “Raising the Awareness regarding Children’s Oral Hygiene, Particularly for Children with Disabilities”.

The event started with an opening speech by Dr. Moudar Ahmad, Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry followed by a number of lectures to raise the awareness:

1- Early childhood caries (ECC) and its effects on children’s health by Dr. Abdelwahab Nourallah.

2- ECC prevention and treatment techniques by Dr. Nabeeh Reslan.

3- Dentistry for people with disabilities (autism as an example) by Dr. Faeq Badr.

4- Methods of assisting children with disabilities to take care of themselves by Dr. Shawqi Ghanem.

In addition to a practical application of behavior modification before the beginning of the treatment during which a number of children with disabilities participated to explain the methods of self-care, public hygiene and oral and dental hygiene.

It is worth mentioning that this event enhances the importance of collaboration and networking between the governmental organizations and civil society to improve the health and social sectors for people with disabilities. This can be the starting point that includes other sectors that tackle early childhood especially children with disabilities. 

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