Launching the Project Incubator

The project incubator of Manara University; the first of its kind in a Syrian university, was launched today to support and market diverse projects in accordance with constant changing international labor market demands. The launch was in collaboration with Eng. Hassan AlKhateeb. Founder of Orjwan consultancy and Foshat Amal, and success entrepreneurial stories were shared today for: Maak Albot for E-Marketing services, SPO for Pharmaceutical Services and Mints Creative Agency. The session began with familiarizing the attendees about the differences between freelancing and entrepreneurship and finished with interacting with the audience. The launch is followed by different workshops in all fields and specialties

The incubator; which targets everyone who wishes to learn how to establish a private business, was founded to implement the strategic goals of MU to change the stereotype of the career path and to utilize the distinguished skills and talents whether in the undergraduate or post graduate levels

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