Manara University Celebrates World theater Day 2021

Since 1962, theater artists around the world have been celebrating World theater Day on the 27th of March. Each year, a playwright or a stage actor writes the event’s message which is translated to all languages.

Faculty of Performing Arts at Manara University was established to start celebrating this day and to confirm our effective professional existence and genuine culture. 

This year, Manara University celebrated World Theater Day with the participation of the faculty of performing arts students and the university’s choir. Students performed a number of shows including acting scenes, theatrical movement, classical dance, folk dance, artistic fight and pantomime. In addition to two Muwashshahs for the first Syrian dramatist “Abu Khalil AlQabbani”. The Event was broadcasted live via the university’s Facebook page. 

This year’s message was written by the actress Helen Mirren and delivered at Manara University by Prof. Samer Omran, dean of the Faculty of Performing Arts. 

MU rector prof. Safwan Al Assaf, the academic staff and a large audience attended the event and we are honored that they have started to become a part of our artistic celebrations and performances.

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