An interactive meeting for graduate students of the Faculty of Pharmacy

The Faculty of Pharmacy, in collaboration with the Department of Public Relations and the Department of Activities at Manara University, held a panel discussion between graduation students and the Secretary of Pharmaceutical Association in Latakia, Dr. Yaser Sulieman, and the Treasurere of the Association, Dr. Mahmoud Shabbar, on the future of the pharmaceutical profession, the rules and regulations governing its code of practice, and job opportunities available for the students after graduation. The meeting started with a welcoming note from the Dean of the faculty, Dr. Mohammad Haroon, followed by briefing from the Secretary on the key rules and regulations governing the day-to-day conduct of the pharmacist within his own pharmacy, the procedures of enrolling new graduates in the Association, and some financial issues related to that. The session concluded with answering questions and queries raised by the attendees.

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