Manara University first in-campus book fair

In fulfillment of its role in supporting books and enhancing societal participation in cultural activities, Manara University organized its first in-campus book fair. The inauguration was preceded by a video presentation in order to familiarize the attendees with the univirsity library, followed by a word from the curator, Miss. Maram Ryhan, and a word by the honor guest, the scenarist and writer Hasan. M. Yousef, who was offered the University Shield. Tribute was also paid to those who achieved highest level of contact with the library. After that, the book fair was jointly opened by the President of Manara University, Professor Safwan Al-Assaf, Director of the Cultural Center in Latakia, Mr. Majd Sarim, and the writer Hasan. M. Yousef.

The Participant Libraries and Bookshops: The Ministry of Culture represented by the General Book Association, Dar Al-Hiwar Publishing House, Al-Manar Book Center, Palmyra Bookshop, and Majd Bookshop.
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