Graduation projects of business administration students for the academic year (2020-2021)

Under the patronage of Professor Safwan al-Assaf, Rector of Manara University, and the honorable presence of Professor Mahmoud Tayyoub, Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration, a graduation project discussion session was held on 12th September, 2021 to examine the graduation projects prepared by students of Banking and Financial Management, and students of Marketing and E-commerce departments for the academic year 2020-2021. The committees listened to the students’ arguments and discussions, evaluated the scientific frameworks of these projects and whether the students have actually followed the rules and regulations of scientific research. The projects were discussed starting with the titles, reaching to the tiniest detail and conclusions. Professor Tayyoub expressed his deepest gratitude to Professor al-Assaf for his constant support at all levels-academic, administrative and financial- and sustained effort to provide all necessary support. He also extended his appreciation to the effort paid by the students in preparing their graduation projects, wishing them luck and success in their future academic and practical endeavors.

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