The second scientific day of faculty of Dentistry at Manara University

On its second scientific day, the Faculty of Dentistry at Manara University directed its attention towards the valiant soldiers of the national Arab Syrian Army who have sustained facial-maxillary injuries. The academic activity commenced with a lecture presented by Professor Mahmoud Mahmoud, in which he discussed various types of facial-maxillary prosthodontics and methods of making prosthesis. This was followed by a presentation by Dr. Noor Mayhoob on the application of soft acryl on such prosthesis. Dr. Ali Khalil's lecture discussed advanced surgeries and surgical maxillary prosthesis performed on patients who have sustained firearms and injuries resulting from splinters and shrapnell. The activity was concluded by a lecture presented by Dr. Jamal Saqr, who presented some of his internationally published cases on facial-maxillary prosthesis and the steps of performing them.

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