Students of the faculty of Architecture perform a field trip to AL Muneer Private School and Latakia Orphanage

Manara University has organized a field trip for the students of the Faculty of Architecture (Architecture Design Studio 5) to Al Muneer Private School, in which they had a close look at the internal functional components of the school (including the teaching halls, labs, administrative rooms and others), and the external vicinity (including gardens, playgrounds, and others). Based on the observations, the students were briefed on the advantages and disadvantages of the school design, best  possible solutions to overcome the problems from an architectural perspective.
At the social and humanitarian level, in order to enhance the relationship between the students and the teachers, the Faculty organized another field trip to the Latakia Orphanage. The teaching team supervising the visit and the staff responsible for the orphanage introduced the architectural components of the orphanage to the students, and explained their functions. After that, the students met  the resident children, and presented them with presents on behalf of the Manara University family as a token of loving and caring. It's worth mentioning that these visits have had positive effects among the students at the humanitarian, educational and social levels at large. 
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