Manara University participates in a training workshop to develop study plans for the HANDS project

In order to achieve the objectives of Erasmus Program of the EU "HANDS", Manara University have participated in a training workshop at the University of Jordan, concerned with the development of the course plans of the program. With the participation of a group of faculty members from the Syrian and Jordanian Universities, the workshop tackled a variety of topics, in addition to discussing the methods of preserving traditional professional expertise and protecting it from total loss, such as transforming this vast expertise into the academic professional training courses and making it available at higher education levels, developing the marketing and administrative skills of those professionals through training courses that address the markets, and enriching the professional and training skills in collaboration between local and EU expertise in this field through teaching and academic training. It is worth mentioning that the Jordanian universities that  the University of Jordan, University of Sciences and Technology, The Hashimite University and Zaytoona University participated in this activity along with Tishreen University, Al-Baath University and Manara University from Syria, in addition to other European partner universities and institutions from Italy, Spain and Germany.      

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