Tuition fees

 Fees for newly admitted students for the academic year 2020- 2021


Credit hour fee


Syrians residing abroad


124.800 S.P

97.500 S.P


124.800 S.P

82.000 S.P


59.000 S.P

49.000  S.P

Architectural Engineering

42.000 S.P

37.000 S.P

Engineering – Mechatronics

49.000 S.P

40.000 S.P

Engineering – Civil 

56.000 S.P

35.000 S.P

Engineering - IT

35.200 S.P

22.000 S.P

Business Administration

924,000 S.P
per semester

715,000 S.P
per semester

Performing Arts


In addition to the tuition fees:


50.000 S.P

Syrian high school certificates

Registration fee
(paid once upon registration)

60,000 S.P

Non-Syrian high school certificates

50.000 S.P

Semester fee (paid each semester)

50.000 S.P

Annual registration in semester system (paid annually)


Summer registration fee (paid in summer semester)

30.000 S.P

Services fee (paid each semester)


15.000 S.P

Summer semester services fees (paid in summer semester)







  • Students are allowed to register for a minimum of /12/ CH and a maximum of /18/ CH in the compulsory academic semester.
  • Arab or foreign students pay their annual fees in US dollars as per the equivalent fees in Syrian pounds.
  • Students who want to enroll in architecture and acting should sit for the university's entrance exam.


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