A field trip to Bio Ghar Factory for Cosmetic Products

Based on Manara University's objectives for preparing and qualifying cadres who are equipped with knowledge and practical experiences, a field trip to Bio Ghar Factory for Cosmetic Products was organized to familiarize the students of the Faculty of Business Administration, Department of Marketing and E-commerce, with the marketing policies of the company. The trip included meetings with the general manager and the production manager of the factory. During these meetings, the students were briefed on the marketing strategies adopted by the company, which made Bio Ghar one of the leading companies in the local market. The students were also briefed on the pricing policies and promotion strategies adopted by the company. The trip was concluded by a tour in the factory, during which the students offered some suggestions and remarks based on their academic training. It is worth noting that the trip aimed at linking the students' conceptual knowledge with real-life applications adopted by local companies.

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