Dean’s message

Dear students

In a country that has illuminated the whole world with its alphabet and civilization, you are its people and it is necessary to pursue the scientific, cultural and technical path through your studies and your academic achievement. It can only be a continuation of our previous civilizations and an addition of a new episode.

The country's civilization is linked to the architecture and arts left throughout the years by great teachers who established their sciences and techniques in its architecture at that time. The way it reached us as teachers, and the way we, in turn, will pass it on to future generations.

We have to mention the characteristic of the professors in the faculty, the diversity of their international architectural schools and their scientific and practical seriousness in building a generation full of their scientific endeavors to make it a beacon for a new future.

Dear students, it is our great hope that you will add a new imprint to the continuous chain of civilizations of our country through your comprehensive scientific knowledge and how you use modern technologies, in a way that is compatible with our local environment in all its aspects. Let our slogan be:

"To build the spirit of the past in the body of the present and future."

Dean of the Faculty of Architecture

Prof. Hani Hashem Wadah

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