Vision and Goals

  •  Vision


The faculty pays a special attention on developing students’ character in a balanced way scientifically, culturally and socially in addition to raise their national awareness and interest in work. As well as increasing their competitive ability in labor market and encouraging the cultural, scientific and social initiatives among students.

  • Mission


The mission of the faculty is preparing high caliber engineering graduates who are able to play an effective role in building the community of national knowledge. As well as supplying the labor market with qualified staff in architecture, architectural planning and interior spaces that can contribute in the process of development and reconstruction.


  •  Goal


The goal of the faculty of Architectural Engineering is to participate in supplying the community with highly qualified graduates in the fields of architectural design and urban planning who are able to tackle this profession with high proficiency and success. This contributes in developing the cultural identity of the community and preserving its diverse and original history as well as getting inspiration for the architecture and environment of the future.




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