Locomotor System Disorders

This course includes disorders of the locomotor system including tendon, ligament, muscle, articular and lamellar injuries, whether traumatic, degenerative or mechanical, and basics of common injuries. It also includes a summary of general rheumatic diseases, especially rheumatoid arthritis, degenerative arthritis, spondylitis and lower back and neck pain. It also introduces rehabilitation in terms of history, evolution of concepts, philosophy of rehabilitation and its role in health care. The course also includes the basic concepts in occupational therapy of rheumatic and orthopedic diseases, how to evaluate and find suitable solutions for the patient through daily activities and increase the patient's ability to implement them with the protection of the joints from injuries and deformity with appropriate advice and use of aids for this purpose. It also teaches how to evaluate and analyze the domestic environment to be rehabilitated in a way that meets the needs of patients.

Attachement Files

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