Vision and goals






The Faculty of Preforming Arts aims at qualifying professional, academic graduates equipped with excellent artistic and performance tools which would back up and reinforce the already existent Syrian artists, and the good reputation Syria’s arts enjoy, regionally and internationally, taking into consideration the important status that the Audio Visual Arts have developed in our region in the last two decades or more.





The Faculty of Performing Arts seeks to provide the local, Arab and international market with specialized graduates in all different dramatic arts, Acting, Directing (Theatre, Cinema, TV), Sonography, Artistic Technology, Script Writing and Studies in Arts Criticism. It also focuses on increasing students’ aesthetic and creative sense; developing students’ tools of expression in their respective specializations through combining the theoretical and practical parts of study.





The Faculty of Performing Arts endevours to become an artistic and cultural centre, both locally and regionally, qualify graduates able to produce the new and innovative, and compete in the Arab world seeking international status through:

  1. Taking Performing Arts in Syria to new heights and providing through providing the local, regional and international market with educated, well-informed artists (directors, actors designers, script-writers and artistic technicians) able to work in a variety of work environment.
  2. Invigorating the concept of performing arts as an artistic group-work of social, economic and political effects.
  3. Following and keeping-up with all the latest creative developments in the field, so as to develop the Course and Curricula in accordance with the Syrian context.
  4. Through qualifying well-informed artists, the Faculty of Performing Arts hopes to contribute effectively to the process of developing Syrian society.

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