Department of Acting


Graduates of the Department of Acting are professional actors equipped with diverse developed expression tools, are able to take part in cinema, theatre and TV, as well as radio and dubbing. They possess highly competitive skills which enable them to compete locally, regionally and internationally.


Acting department goals:


- Work on the student’s /actor’s/ basic tools; body, voice, pronunciation, emotional richness; all through providing the student with the practical and theoretical academic experience which assists in creating a career in the field of acting.


- Enhance the mental, critical and artistic capabilities of students. 


- The faculty of Performing Arts /Acting Department/ contributes to developing the arts of drama, cinema and TV and all audiovisual forms in Syria and the Arab World. 


- Provide students with the theoretical knowledge of arts in parallel with the practical parts.


- Develop the sense of collaboration with the students to provide a cooperative and creative environment making this specialization a cultural source.


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