Beverage Management

This Beverage Management course aims to identify the process of managing beverages in tourist and hotel establishments of all kinds (hotels, restaurants, bars, etc.), which is considered one of the most important major departments in these establishments (beverage department).

The course in the theoretical section includes the following points:

definitions and introduction

Basics of beverage service

Designing the beverage department layout in tourist facilities

Bars parts

The functions of each section of the bar

Types of bars

Getting to know the staff in the department and the job of each of them, the bar staff

Identify and accurately characterize bar equipment for application in the practical aspect of bar equipment

Product life cycle in the beverage department, starting from purchase and ending with consumption by customers

In its practical part, the course aims to familiarize students with the most important types of drinks, their history, types, method of presentation, management of supply and service, and the methods associated with them.

At the end of the course, students will have adequate knowledge about different types of drinks such as coffee, tea, alcoholic drinks, cocktails and mocktails of all kinds, in addition to those drinks that need fermentation and distillation.

Attachement Files

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