Vision and Goals


  •  Mission


To contribute in developing the level of higher education in Syria and integrating with other Syrian, Arabic and International universities in addition to business institutions in accordance with community service.

  • Vision


To achieve the required development through providing the appropriate educational infrastructure, research and well developed curricula that are able to supply the Syrian and foreign labor market with qualified graduates to achieve sustainable development and face the local and international challenges. Thus, the following values are looked upon with high regard:


-  Choosing the educational inputs and effective follow up of students prudently to figure out their orientations during college.


-  The efficiency of learning through the clarity of the curricula and its description and interconnection to choose the best courses that meet the students’ ambitions in accordance with the accreditation and quality demands.


- The exceptional selection of the appropriate ethical values, sciences, scientific and research skills so that the graduates reach a level that meets their aspirations and the expectations of their familial and vocational surrounding.

  • Goal


- Community service and keeping up with the demands of sustainable development though providing the students with the sciences of business, economics and basic skills.


-  Keeping up with the teaching methods, techniques and skills that meet the mission, vision and university values.


-  Enabling students and the academic staff of scientific, practical and cultural communication with various institutions and universities that share the mission, vision and values of Manara University. 


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