Periodontology 3

Treatment plan - comprehensive treatment methods for periodontal disease: awareness of mechanical - pharmacological - surgical methods

Antibiotics and their use in periodontal infections - dental sensitivity (causes - treatment)
Infections of the periodontal tissues associated with systemic diseases - fixative treatment (dental splints) - mouthwashes and antiseptics).
Principles of regenerative treatment of periodontal tissues - grafts and fillers - periodontal considerations in dental implants.
Types of slices used in dental implants, techniques of work (the second surgical stage) in dental implants, an overview of infections around the neck of the dental implant.
Interrelationships between periodontal histopathology and each of:
1- Orthodontics
2- Treatment of restorative and endodontic teeth
3- Fixed and removable prosthodontics
4- Dental implants.
Attachement Files

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