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 Respected visitors of the Faculty of Engineering website at Manara University


Dear students


On behalf of my colleagues at the Faculty of Engineering, I am pleased to welcome you to our website and to thank you for your visit which I hope will be useful and distinguished, and that you will find in it all the information you are looking for about the faculty.


Currently, the College of Engineering at Manara University has four departments that grant a bachelor's degree: Mechatronics Engineering, civil Engineering, Informatics Engineering, in addition to a new department on the national level, Robotics and Intelligent Systems, for the graduates of the National Center for the Distinguished, its plan was developed in cooperation with the Distinction and Creativity Agency and the National Center for the Distinguished and in the coming years we will seek to open new departments in line with the labor market.


The teaching plans at the engineering departments were prepared in line with the best international teaching plans, and in a way that reflects the faculty’s role that emanates from the university’s role in serving society, its development and meeting its scientific and industrial needs.


There are many advanced engineering laboratories in the faculty that contribute to enriching students' knowledge, deliver theoretical information to the student in an applied manner in order to provide students with basic skills related to the engineering profession. There are many computer laboratories equipped with the latest computers through which the student can run modeling and simulation programs and software related to controlling robots and smart systems. I must mention that the educational process in the faculty is undertaken by a group of highly experienced professors and engineers, who provide knowledge and education to our students according to the latest engineering sciences.


Manara University aspires, through its specializations and engineering departments, to prepare engineers who are able to play an effective role in building society, and to supply the labor market with engineers with scientific and practical competence to develop the infrastructure in various companies, institutions, and factories. Thus, contributing greatly


to covering our national needs from distinguished engineering specializations for reconstruction and contributing to the development process and sustainable development in the service of our country and its




Finally, I can only congratulate our students who have made a good choice of belonging to this esteemed scientific institution and I welcome the students who are looking to


continue their engineering education here. The Deanship of the Faculty of Engineering pledges to assist you in all stages of your university life, and it will not hesitate to provide assistance and advice to you in any time.


Best wishes

                     Prof. Alaa Eddin Houssam Eddin

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