Vision and Goals

  • Mission:


The mission of the faculty is preparing engineering graduates who are able to play an effective role in building the community of national knowledge. As well as supplying the local labor market with qualified staff that can contribute in the process of development, reconstruction and sustainable development. It also aspires to have high caliber graduates to compete foreign labor markets.

  • Vision:


The vision of the Faculty of Engineering at Manara University is embodied in the absolute scientific and practical leadership within the framework of a competitive movement with its local and regional counterparts while keeping pace with modern technical developments to advance society scientifically, cognitively and structurally.

  • Goal:


The Faculty of Engineering, with all its scientific departments, aims to prepare engineers capable of playing an effective role in building a knowledge society and providing the local labor market with qualified cadres to contribute to the process of development, reconstruction and sustainable development. This goal is achieved by:


Robotics and Intelligent Systems Engineering Department:

Localizing robotics and smart technologies and their reflection through various applications in the industrial, medical, and service domains ... etc.


Communications Engineering Department:


Keeping pace with the rapid global developments in communication sciences in a way that contributes to meeting the various needs of society in the domains of science, industry and health..... etc. in addition to supplying the labour market with graduates with high scientific and practical competence in order to develop the infrastructure in various fields.


Informatics Engineering Department:


Contributes in expanding knowledge perception in all its administrative, economic, social and information security aspects, in addition to e-governance applications by preparing highly qualified graduates


Civil Engineering Department:


Continuously updating the presentation of traditional knowledge in the field of civil engineering to ensure the preparation of engineers capable of proceeding and competing in the local and regional labour markets. Also highlighting the importance of civil engineering applications in maintaining, rehabilitating and developing infrastructure. In addition to paying special attention to the infrastructure of the coastal region, to ensure the contribution to the sustainable development of the coastal environment.



Mechatronics Department: 


Provides a scientific environment that keeps up with the constant development of mechatronics engineering sciences that tackle the methods of designing and building modern mechatronics systems concerning their mechanical, electronics and electric aspects including computerized control parts, embedded parts and intricate electro mechanic systems. This is through modernizing and improving learning methods and means.


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