Department of Robotics and Intelligent Systems Courses

Projects Management
Engineering economics
Probable logic
Wireless communications
Logic circuits
Computer Vision
Signals and Systems
Computer Skills
Operating systems
Wireless systems
Deep Learning
Fuzzy Logic
Genetic algorithms
Neural Networks
Data Mining
Efficient Design of Embedded Systems
(CAM) Computer Aided Manufacturing
(IoT) Internet of Things
(UML) Methodologies and Modeling Tools
Advanced Signal Processing
Micro and Nano Robotics
Industrial Automation
Senior Project 2
Senior Project 1
Intelligent Control
Non Linear Control
Machine Learning
Mobile Robots
Computer Vision
Artificial intelligence 2
Junior Project
Machine Dynamics and Vibration
Real Time Systems
Artificial intelligence 1
Distributed Systems & Industrial Networks
Multivariable Control Systems
Hydraulic & Pneumatic Systems Design
Computer Aided Design
Digital Systems Design with FPGA
Application 2
Digital Signal Processing
Measurements & Instrumentations
Manufacturing Engineering
Modeling and Identification
Finite Elements
Electrical Drive
Introduction to Networks
Application 1
Strength of Materials
Design of Machine Elements
Industrial Electronics
Automatic Control
Numerical Analysis
Theory of Mechanisms
Signals and Systems
Continuum Mechanics
Electronic Circuits
Engineering Mechanics
Principals in Electronics
Electrical Circuits
Engineers Mathematics
Data Structures & Algorithms
Computer Aided Industrial Drawing
Digital Circuits
Physics 2
Calculus 2
Object-Oriented Programming
Linear Algebra
Calculus 1
Probabilities & Statistics
Physics 1

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