General Methodology of Rehabilitation and Chineseology

 The course includes basic concepts of bio-dynamism, which studies the human as a machine and includes the study of muscle contraction in its forms of Myokymia and contraction, fixed movement and length, as well as closed and open chains of motion and the study of the forces of stabilization, movement, force and reaction. As well as the study of muscular tension and positive tension with partial and full movement, the special and accurate movements with a study of the body while standing, sitting and walking and positions of transition with the impact of the forces of friction, rolling, tilting and the movement of the pendulum on the extremities. It also contains the principles of walking cycle and steps and the motor and muscular study of the most important joints and some splints in the lower limb. The course also includes the study of the types of movements and manual work stages of the approach through seizure with the study of the types of grip and the relationship between the hand and other things with the study of special movements and errors in the mobility stage, such as the difficulty of measurement as well as the relationship between vision and function. The course also contains primary and philosophical concepts with the history of occupational therapy with different forms and basic procedures of dealing with patients. The course also contains a theme on electrical biotechnologies related to the computer that deals with assisting tools of the disabled according to their needs to improve the quality of life and teaching skills to evaluate the assistance required as well as multi-faceted approach. The course also teaches how to analyze activities from a biomechanical approach of the healthy and the sick, while evaluating and adapting the environment to suit the patient's needs. The practical part is examining muscles and joints. Manual examination of muscles is taught in addition to checkups of body joints generally and specifically. The second part is nursing in rehabilitation, which includes the ideal condition of the patient in bed, moving the patient, the steps of mobility between the bed and wheelchair and the way to move patients according to their injury.

Attachement Files

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