Financial Statement Analysis

This course examines the analysis of the financial statements of establishments of all kinds. It begins by introducing the student to how to prepare and prepare the lists for the purposes of analysis through a quick review of the different components of the financial statements, then moves on to explain in detail the methods and techniques of financial analysis, focusing first on the horizontal and vertical analysis of the lists, then distinguishes each of them from trend analysis And the analysis of the common size with the study of various practical cases related to companies that do business and have a distinctive commercial name. Then it deals in detail how to prepare the statement of cash flows in the indirect way and among the most important indicators that can be extracted from them, and then reviews in detail the risk ratios and profitability ratios before delving into the study of each of the liquidity ratios, solvency ratios, activity ratios, and financial and operational leverage ratios. Finally, it reviews a set of models used to predict the financial failure of enterprises, such as the Altman model and Sherward's model.

Attachement Files

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