Chemistry for Engineers

This course deals with the fundamental concepts & principles of general chemistry

in a systematic and balanced way with quantitative & qualitative aspects.

The course mean content is spread over four units. 

- Unit 1 covers Water. It contains topics on Sources of Water, Impurities in Water, Types of Water, Water-Quality Standards, 

Water-Quality Parameters, Hardness of Water, Wastewater & Domestic Water Treatment, Seawater Desalination, and Drinking (Potable) Water.

- Unit 2 presents Electrochemistry. It deals with different types of Cells or Batteries. 

- Unit 3 covers Corrosion and its Control Methods. It presents the Classification of Corrosion, Types of Electrochemical 

Corrosion, Factors Influencing Rate of Corrosion, Protective Coatings, Preparation of Material for Coating, 

Surface-Conversion Coating, Anodized Coating, Hot Dipping, and Paints.

- Unit 4 presents High Polymers. It covers Types of Polymers, Plastics, Foamed Plastics, Rubber or Elastomers.

Laboratory work emphasizes learning basic techniques, learning to manipulate and interpret numerical data, and learn¬ing the relationship between experimental measurement and chemical theory through guided, independent work by the student. 

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