Department of Civil Engineering courses

Projects Management
Engineering economics
Monitoring and protection of coastal environment
Harbor Engineering and Management
Coastal Structures (Aquaculture, desalination, wind turbines…)
Maintenance, Retrofitting and strengthening of Structures
Marine Surveying
Engineering Surveying
Geographic Information System and Cartography
Remo sensing and Photogrammetry
Geodesy and Adjustment of Surveying Networks
Analysis and Design of Coastal Protection Structures
Advanced Soil and Rock Mechanics
Soil Dynamics
Tunnels and Underground Structures
Advanced Foundation Engineering
Retaining Structures
Analysis and Design of Floating Structures
Coastal Physical Processes
Composite Structures
Wave Mechanics
Reinforced Concrete 4
Advanced Mechanics of Materials and Structures
Professional Safety
Final Project
Construction Management
Building Information Modeling
Analysis and Design of Temporary Structures
Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering
Construction Technology
Environmental Engineering
Finite Elements Methods Concepts and Software
Reinforced Concrete 3
Steel Structures 2
Foundation Engineering
Road and Traffic Engineering
Steel Structures 1
Soil Mechanics 2
Reinforced Concrete 2
Structural Mechanics 2
Numerical Analysis and Programming
Soil Mechanics 1
Hydraulic 2
Reinforced Concrete 1
Structural Mechanics 1
Surveying 2
Mechanics of Materials 2
Construction Materials
Hydraulic 1
Mechanics of Materials 1
Mathematical Analysis 2
Surveying 1
Engineering Geology
Computerized Engineering Drawing
Engineering Mechanics
Mathematical Analysis 1
Chemistry for Engineers
Introduction to Engineering
Material Technology
Probabilities & Statistics
Physics 1

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