Restorative Dentistry 3

An introduction to clinical restorative dental treatment - caries diagnosis and its classifications - isolation methods including rubber diaphragms - endodontic considerations in restorative dental treatment - modern classification of dental caries associated with composite (anterior-posterior) as a restorative material (site/stage classification).

The course of restorative dental treatment (3) includes training students clinically on the correct diagnosis and development of a plan for restorative treatment and the use of modern techniques in isolating and restoring teeth in the context of the established treatment plan, where training is conducted to apply the knowledge and skills acquired from previous (laboratory) courses clinically, In addition to the use and application of various existing restoration materials and techniques and teeth whitening techniques and materials, the student also knows the necessary information about the uses of laser and the methods of its application in the field of restorative dental treatment. Emphasis is placed on asepsis and methods of controlling infection transmission in the dental clinic.
Attachement Files

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