Manara University library aims at supporting the process of teaching and scientific research through providing information to assist the beneficiaries in obtaining the required information shortly and effortlessly.


- Teaching staff 

- Teaching assistants

- Administrative staff

- Students 


- The library includes an abundant collection of around /5000/ references and books in English and Arabic. 

- Available are paper (references, dictionaries, books, magazines) and electronic references. 

- There are various resources in terms of specialties and subjects to include the faculties and departments: dentistry, pharmacy, architecture, mechatronics, business administration and its three departments and performing arts. 

- Other themes include philosophy and psychology, sociology, history and geography, music, design and Arabic and international novels.

- There are computers and free internet.


1- The library uses (Koha) system to manage the lending process, data entry and extraction related to resources and beneficiaries. 

2- The library follows the system of open shelves to enable everyone to search through the resources organized according to specialties and DDC.

3- The library is supplied with resources the support the demands of each faculty each semester. Beneficiaries and visitors provide books and libraries as gifts for the library.

- The library opens within the official working hours Sat-Wed

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