Registration Procedures

Registration Procedures

When students are accepted and their names are announced by the rector's office, they provide all the requested documents to the students' affairs directorate to register within the designated period otherwise, the registration is cancelled.

• In case of Syrian certificate:

1. Original secondary school, institute or graduation certificate.   

2. /4/ certified copies of secondary school, institute or university graduation certificate.  

3. /3/ certified transcript copies, university life and course description of the admitted student on the basis of an institute or university certificate.   

4. A photocopy of the ID.

5. /6/ personal photographs.   

6. An admission request from the registration and admission directorate.   

7. A written commitment in case of any missing document that a student should secure it within the deadline or else the registration will be cancelled.   

8. A written commitment to the university's rules and regulations.

9. A copy of the receipt from the financial affairs.

10. Requested documents of discounts in case a student wants to benefit from the university's discounts.

• In case of non-Syrian certificate:

In addition to the previous requested documents:

1. /2/ certified copies of academic progression in tenth and eleventh grades.

2. /2/ certified copies of ninth grade certificate.

3. A copy of the residency document at the country that granted the certificate.   

4. A copy of the passport of the pages that have entrance and exit visa permit from and to the country that granted the certificate.

After finalizing the requested documents, a file for each student is prepared and the data is added to the academic system to be given a university number then a student goes to the faculty to add the courses according to procedures and then receives the university ID card.  



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