Student Affairs Directorate

Duties of student affairs director:

1.Publishes the results of the selection criteria process and admitted student.

2.Audits the documents and graduation certificates, stamp them and handing them to their proprietors.

3.Directly supervises the employees at the directorate and ensures their performance of all tasks.

4.Prepares and archives students’ files which contain all their original and duly certified documents.

5.Prepares plans to develop work and recruitment plans within the directorate.

6.Describes the tasks of employees and evaluates their performance.

Division of Admission:

1.Prepares, organizes and announces the selection criteria procedures.

2.Organizes the reception of students, selection criteria requests and course equation and handling.

3.Prepares requests in soft and hardcopies.

4.Prepares student ID numbers, admitted students’ data to prepare student IDs by the media department.

5.Handles the equation of non-Syrian certificates via the ministry of higher education.

6.Ensures the validity of Syrian and non-Syrian certificates via the directorates and ministry of higher education.

7.Ensures the validity of academic transcripts of the admitted students and Institutes’ graduates via the ministry of higher education.

8.Prepares statistics with the names of applicants and admitted.

9.Prepares statistics for the ministry: number of students in each faculty according to the specialty, gender and nationality.

Division of Registration:

1.Organizes and audits the registration process on paper and electronically.

2.Ensures that students meet the registration requirements (credit hours – academic notices – dismissal from the university) in the registration process.

3.Academic notices.

4.Audits the requests of deletion, addition and withdrawal from courses by faculty affairs.

5.Accepts the requests of (cessation of registration – withdrawal from the university – specialty change) within the academic year.

6.Organizes (university life records – students’ archives – student cases).

7.Approves the equation of courses for transfer students and institute graduates by the decision of university board.

8.Prepares the documents of (university life – military service postponement – declaration of statement – course description).

9.Ensures the archiving of paper and electronic copies of all students’ documents.

10.Ensures the implementation and follow up of all university board decisions.

11.Archives a paper and electronic copy of all university board sessions and ministry of higher education decisions.

12.Prepares statistics of the number of registered students and their activities within the academic semester and reporting them to the director.

13.Prepares statistics of students who exhausted their success chances according to academic notices.

Alumni Division:

1.Prepares reports: names of graduates who finished the credit hours of the study plan by the end of each academic semester.

2.Prepares statistics:

1.Accumulative: annual number of graduates.

2.Financial: number of graduates to follow up with certification fees with the ministry of higher education.

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