Services Directorate


 Main Responsibilities:

  • Concludes external contracts, follows up its implementation and fee paying which are:

1.         University security.

2.        University cleaning services.

3.        The restaurant and cafeteria investment.

4.       Student services center investment.

5.        Health insurance for students (mandatory inside and outside the hospital).

6.         Health insurance for employees.

7.        Building insurance.

8.        Transportation (Jableh students and employees).

  • Daily internal responsibilities in the directorate or when needed:


1.        Medical clinic.

2.        Gardening.

3.       Transportation of wounded students.

4.        Supervising classrooms.

5.        Registry mail distribution.

6.        Catering for employees.

7.        Handing over 2G & 3G lines (when needed).

8.        Hotel reservations (when needed).


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