Information Technology Directorate

IT Manager Responsibilities:

1.Administrative and technical supervision of computer networks and its terminal devices.

2.Contributes in setting the university’s general policies and strategies and follows up with its coordinating with the rector’s office on the short term (one year) and long term (five years).

3.Supervises and sets archiving plans of the directorate.

4.Contributes in setting plans for the university’s electronic systems through the university’s development system to be a producer of it.

5.Frequent meetings and follow up with the departments.

6.Frequent reports to the rector’s office regarding the university’s status, achievements and obstacles.

7.Manages and follows up the technical system, its servers and other devices that support this system including (PCs, Printers, Firewall, UPSs, and Wireless Devices) and all necessary frequent maintenance and specific settings if necessary.

8.Supervises antivirus systems and all relevant procedures to ensure that all devices are operating in their full adequacy and speed.

9.Ensures that all servers and internet networks are operating all the time and this includes working after official work hours and holidays if necessary. It also coordinates and works with specialized companies for necessary modifications that cannot be done during work hours.

10.Direct technical supervision on all network updates, installing devices or new computer programs. Also supervises the management and maintenance of control systems at the university through internal and external security cameras and sound systems in classrooms.

11.Provides technical consultancies for the university administration in regards to any projects related to computerizing work at faculties or developing the infrastructure of internal wireless and wired computer networks and e-learning systems.

12.Coordinates with faculties to determine their needs of computers, printers and data show devices and ensures the perfect use of all available devices and redistribution if necessary. This includes frequent visits to all the university’s departments and facilities to monitor all computer related equipment.

13.Coordinates with specialized companies to purchase necessary computer devices, equipment, programs, administrative or educational computer systems, sets the technical specifications and studies the offers. In addition to supervising, receiving them and ensuring their compatibility with the requested specifications.

14.Follows up with daily malfunctions of wireless, wired computer devices and networks by IT Help Desk employees, and provides the necessary support for university staff.

15.Supervises the management and organization of all classroom and laboratory computers including ensuring the readiness of those devices by the beginning of each semester.

16.Follows up with maintenance contracts with relevant companies and computer external maintenance.

17.Direct supervision of developing the contents and structure of the university’s internet.

18.Supervision of all computer networks which includes:

o Domain Controller.

o Emails.

o VPN.

o Students’ academic system.

o Students’ finance.

o Financial management and general accounting,

o The system of the university’s registry office

o Check in and check out system .

o Library system.

o Wireless network control system.

System Admin Responsibilities:

1.Technical supervision of following up with users accounts, licenses and interconnections via monitoring the operation of domain controller.

2.Technical supervision of university users’ emails (exchange).

3.Ensures the flow of Financial management and general accounting system

4.Manages and organizes the wired network service of staff, laboratories and classrooms as well as wireless network via creating accounts for students and constantly monitoring them in coordination with IT Help Desk employee.

5.Monitors network malfunctions of university’s devices.

6.Ensures the balance of the technical system of the university in general, follows up with the maintenance and development of all devices in the server’s room.

7.Ensures remote sign in of the academic system of all users via VPN and constantly manages those accounts

8.Manages the process of constant backups of all servers (physical and virtual), outside the university (academic system, email, VPN) and ensures that they operate around the clock.

9.Frequent backup of all servers (physical and virtual), network devices around the university (domain server, financial management and general accounting system, wireless network, routers, network distributers, firewall) and ensures that they operate around the clock. This includes following up the process of turning on and off all servers and constant maintenance and changes.

10.Saves all frequent backups of all servers and devices securely and separately in areas previously agreed upon with the IT manager according to a policy determined and approved in relation to the current system.

11.Any other tasks assigned by the IT manager and rector.

IT Help Desk:

1.Full supervision of the current system related to computers, UPSs and printers and ensures their operation (in terms of programs and equipment).

2.Undergoes the necessary repairs on the level of programs and equipment for all aforementioned devices and pursue its maintenance outside the university by specialists if necessary.

3.Provides technical support for the academic and administrative staff use of computers and terminal devices like printers.

4.Provides technical support for users' remote access of the academic system via VPN.

5.Provides technical support for users' access of emails either via outlook app or web.

6.Follows up with the process of handing out, receiving and deliverable devices.

7.Frequent maintenance for classroom and lab devices (computers, projectors, sound devices etc…).

8.Undergoes backup for computer operating systems and secure them in previously agreed upon with the IT manager according to a policy determined and approved in relation to the current system.

9.Coordinates with technical support specialists regarding all the requested network settings requested to ensure the flow of their devices.

10.Ensures the stability of printers' operation and distribution in the university and writes frequent reports regarding their needs and equipment in coordination with the IT manager.

11.Provides support for students' use of wifi service.

12.Technical support on users' accounts on check in and check out systems.

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